Each kippah is made to order and when it is finished it receives a special Kabbalistic meditation and blessings. Click Here to see the blessings.

You may specify the first name of the person for whom the kippah is being made and we will keep them in our intentions as we make it. Please allow 1-2 weeks for your kippah to be made and shipped to you.

We make our kippot in three sizes. All sizes have been worn throughout the ages by the Kabbalists. The size right for you is a matter of personal preference.  Size is not indicative of the circumference of the kippah, but of how far down on the head it rests.

Please note that sizes may vary depending on head size.

This size covers most of the head to just above the ears.

This size covers the top of the head to about an inch above the ears.

This size covers the crown of the head and is the common size worn by most Jews.

(our small size is slightly larger than the common small)

Your order is securely processed via Paypal, where you may pay with either a credit or debit card even if you do not have a Paypal account.

All proceeds go to support Kabbalah4All.com.

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