The Ashrei (Tehilim 145) is said 3x per day. Nun was intentionally left out by King David because it has the same numeric value as the Hebrew word for falling, which would indicate a spiritual falling. We concentrate intently and open our hands while reciting the verse Potei-ach et yadecha פּוֹתֵֽחַ אֶת יָדֶֽךָ The last letter of each word spells a Name (חתך) which connects us to Parnasah or Sustenance. The Arizal taught that we should weave that Name with the Divine Name and meditate on it as we open our hands to receive in order that we may share.

It is printed on high quality glossy stock. The size of the print is 5x7". Original painting and graphic design by David Aharon L. Curtis

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