A kippah, also known as a yarmulke, is a covering for the head, that was traditionally worn by Jewish men. In modern times both men and women wear one. Some people wear them all the time as a reminder that the Creator is above them. In the Sefardic and Kabbalistic communities, the custom is to cover the head during prayer, meditation, sacred study, and during meals.

According to Kabbalistic teaching, when we pray, meditate, study or eat we are connecting to the Upper Worlds, to the Creator's Light. We receive the cosmic energies and the Light through the crown of our head (crown chakra), which can overwhelm us. Let us use the example of a coffee filter. When you brew coffee you use a filter to keep the coffee grounds from entering into the serving container. You certainly could drink coffee with lots of grounds in the cup, but it might make you sick. The kippah acts as a filter for the Creator's intense Light and the cosmic energies that enter the "temple of the soul."

A diva can be a person or a thing that is utterly fabulous. And DIVA is actually David spelled backwards and drop the D.  David crochets each kippah and the other items with love & Light.  Every thing on our site is made to order. 

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